What We Do

Lisa Hagan Books is an independent publishing company dedicated to serving the author first and foremost. We are distributed nationally - through the International Publishing Group's Small Press United - to bookstores, libraries, e-retailers and special markets.

The focus is on fine writing and new ideas that may not get the time and attention they need in a large publishing house. Genres include fiction, narrative non-fiction and how-to, business, the paranormal, entertainment, cooking and health and healing.

Authors are carefully matched to the right designer and editor to create the best, collaborative, creative team. Each book has specific requirements as it moves through production and we meet those needs. Simultaneously, the author will build a launch plan under our guidance that we will assist in executing pre-publication, at publication, and into the future, defining ongoing strategies for the longest selling life possible.

Here is the list of basic services:

  • structural editing
  • line editing
  • book and cover design
  • file proofing and loading
  • proposal writing
  • ghostwriting
  • foreign rights sales
  • global distribution via e-retail
  • national distribution to brick and mortar stores, libraries, e-retailers
  • marketing strategy and support
  • publicity strategy and support
  • social media strategy
  • accounting and royalty management
  • book to film support

Who We Are

Beth Wareham

Beth Wareham, CEO, is a former publisher and director of publicity for trade publishing where she launched Temple Grandin's Animals in Translation, two editions of Joy of Cooking, Dr. Mark Hyman's bestselling series on health, a new edition of Gone with the Wind and Geneen Roth's Women Food & God. She is the author of The Power of No and Skinny Green Smoothies along with countless ghost written books. She has appeared on everything from the CBC to the BBC and CBS's THE EARLY SHOW and NBC's TODAY SHOW, where her on-air hairdos still haunt. She lives in New York City, where she fell in wildly in love with new technology and ebooks:

Lisa Hagan

Lisa Hagan Books was formed in early 2015 when Beth Wareham of Shadow Teams, asked to join forces. Together we started LHB to publish and promote important works that we felt were being overlooked by the big five.

With my extensive career as a literary agent working with clients from all over the world for over 20 years, I see that there is an audience and a demand for the books that I love but not limited to, genres such as alternative health, paranormal research and extraordinary memoirs.

My books have not only been reported in the front pages of The New York Times; USA Today; The New York Times Book Review; and The Los Angeles Times, but regularly appear in Reader's Digest Magazine; Huffington Post; Santa Monica Sun; The New York Post; The New York Observer; The New York Sun; Daily Variety; People; Details; Entertainment Weekly; Publisher's Weekly; Booklist; Kirkus Reviews; and the Library Journal.

As an agent, I am known for anticipating future book trends and have been among the first to successfully create, shape, and develop appropriate projects with scientists, parapsychologists, journalists, researchers, innovative cultural-creative’s, and worldwide clients.

Our goal as an Independent publishing house is to continue reaching the same wide audience of readers who are seeking the truth, who want to learn, and to be entertained.