All (Wo)men Desire To Know

About the Book

All (Wo)men Desire To Know is a story of love and loss that takes a woman to the mysterious world of the ancient Greek philosophers. Johanna Baldwin and her partner, Russ Stratton, had approached Dr. Raymond Moody on a movie idea based on one of Dr. Moody's previous books. After their first meeting at the Omega Institute, Dr. Moody's wife called Johanna asking her if she would consider writing a book about the Ancient Greek philosophers based on Dr. Moody's course "Wisdom Lovers" and his lifelong research that had not yet been published. Johanna told her that she didn't write books. But Cheryl Moody encouraged her to at least come to Alabama where they could talk it over. Over the long weekend, Johanna took copious notes, but at the same time was working out how to tell Dr. Moody and his wife, that writing this book wasn't really for her as she wasn't a history buff or a scholar. But on the morning she was to leave and tell them the bad news, she woke up with an idea of how to tell Dr. Moody's research in a novel. She told them her concept: It would a story about love and loss --- about a woman who's plagued by a burning question that can only be answered in Ancient Greece. The Moody's agreed and then Johanna, no longer reluctant, went off to write her debut novel, inspired by Dr. Moody's research and passion for the Ancient Greeks and their mystical practices.

"Johanna Baldwin is a magical and original writer whose unique voice has a gift for making allegory and fantasy surprising and emotionally plausible. Her delicate touch brings freshness to unexpected themes and opens a door to worlds hidden within the every day world."

  -- Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth

"Johanna Baldwin's wonderful novel is the most phenomenal story of history by any measure."

-- Raymond A. Moody, Jr. M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Moody talking about Johanna's book:

About the Author

Johanna Baldwin is a writer/producer whose work includes film, television, theatre, and short stories. This is her debut novel.