The Fall and Rise of Landon Harris

About the Book

An intriguing story of a successful New York novelist whose new book doesn't suit the press, the reviewers, and finally, the Author himself. He finds himself lost to himself in his quest for a "good and new and sellable story".

Landon's Rise is fueled by the support of a new woman in his life, his former wife was his inspiration until she died, and this loss is a part of the uphill battle for Landon and his work.

In a sense, this story is one of a search for inspiration that all creative people face as well as those who aspire to the creative life. Along the way, Landon Harris discovers the life of the thousands of homeless, runaway kids in New York City and delves into the depths of their plight to create his new book, Shadow Angel. as well as a new life for himself.

Here is a book about creativity, persistence and success in the hands of a writer who finds again, that Inspiration is real and life giving.

About the Author

Dirk Wales is a highly successful children’s book author and award winning documentary filmmaker.

Books by Dirk Wales:

  • A Lucky Dog: Owney, U.S. Rail Mail Mascot (Sept 2003) – winner of a 2005 Mom’s Choice Gold Award
  • Penny House (Sept 2005) – winner of a Mom’s Choice Cross-Generational Silver Award and a Best Books Award Finalist)
  • Twice a Hero: The Stories Of Thaddeus Kosciuszko And Casimir Pulaski, Polish American Heroes of the American Revolution (March 2007) – Winner of a 2009 Mom’s Choice Award
  • Jack London's Dog (Sept 2008) – Winner of a 2009 Mom’s Choice Award
  • The Further Adventures of A Lucky Dog (2009) – Winner of a 2009 Mom’s Choice Award
  • Shadow Angel (2014)
  • Abandoned Z (2015)
  • Love Scenes: Number One to Ten – iUniverse