Finding Color in the Darkness: Losing My Son to Bipolar Disorder

About the Book

Margaret Thompson’s Finding Color in the Darkness is a report from the front lines of the battle against mental health disorders. Her son, John Fish, is a bright young boy growing up in an average American town, going to school, playing with his brother and walking his dogs on the beach each day. He grows into adolescence and slowly a dark sky seems to settle over him; he is complicated, sensitive and growing more silent every day. His mother knows disaster is looming but her attempts to reach her son go unrecognized and this page-turning memoir reaches its devastating conclusion. Too late, John is enveloped in a love he seemed never able to reach as his family and friends gather to say their goodbyes.

The loss is huge, incomprehensible, and the author and her surviving son must move forward, honoring John and working through the pain. His mother contacts psychics and seers in hopes of making contact. She sets aside all her other goals to write this book and dedicates herself to educating the public about the physical aspects of mental issues, including its potential as a deadly disease.

At the end of this part of her journey, Margaret Thompson concludes there is no one and nothing to blame; there is only the love she has for her lost son.

About the Author

Margaret Thompson began her career in New York City at MTV. She married and left to raise her two boys, Tim and John, ultimately finding the calling of her life, teaching. Since the loss of her son, John, to suicide, she has dedicated herself to educating others about the importance of focusing on mental health as a medical, and potentially fatal, condition.